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*NOTE* Listing does NOT included entire vent/trim pieces. Only rectangular emblem pieces.


Entire emblem will be painted to the black finish you specify with the custom text illuminated in the color of your choice.


Also customizeable is the amount of wiring each emblem will have. Depending where you plan on running wires will determine how much you will need for each emblem. 


These accessories are made to be a direct replacement for your stock emblems. The wiring that comes out of the back is just two wires, a positive (+) and negative (-). The negative connects to a ground source (bare metal frame, negative battery terminal, etc.) and the positive can tap into whatever power source you choose. DRL (daytime running light) is the most common to tap into but headlights and other power sources are just as viable. The emblems can also be tied into a switch for switched power.


- Made to be a direct replacement to the factory fender emblems - exact size
- 3M VHB adhesive backing - no clips
- Photos are of computer rendering - actual product will vary slightly due to manufacturing processes
- Made in the USA with US materials

Please send a message with any questions or to request more images. Custom text is limited to the amount of space available on the emblem. 15 characters is roughly the limit and the text will be condensed and sized differently that how it is shown. Please inquire if you woud like a custom font, logo, or image.

Set of Two - 2021+ Ford F150 Illuminated Fender Emblem w/Adhesive Back

  • *NOTE*

    Slight modification of vent pieces is required for these accessories to work as intended.

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