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*This is a DUMMY REPLICA MINE and is UNABLE to function realistically, or be modified to function realistically.*


*This is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN an actual military item. It is NOT an inert/demilitarized item, but rather a PLASTIC RECREATION.*


One accurate size, realistic looking, POMZ-2 mine for prop, display, etc. use.

- accurate to real POMZ-2 mine dimensions
- body separates into mulitple components
- fuze disassembles into multiple pieces and screws into charge body
- removing pin releases spring loaded striker
- safety pin is real aluminum wire
- stake is optional is real wooden dowel that has been stained

- minor imperfections due to manufacturing
- made with "low temp" plastic (possible deformation in hot vehicle or environment or in intense sun)
- safety pin is soft aluminum wire and can be easily deformed
6.625" height (w/o Stake) x 2.375" diameter (body)
11" height (w/ Stake) x 2.375" diameter (body)
1 - POMZ-2 dummy mine

Please contact us for larger quantities, or if another color or style is desired.

POMZ-2 Soviet WW2 Trip Wire Stake Mine - Accurate Size Plastic Replica


Buy 2 or more, save 10%

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