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*This is a DUMMY mine and firing device and are UNABLE to function realistically, or be modified to function realistically.*

The most realistic replica M18 Claymore mine and M57 firing device for prop, display, etc. use!




M18 Claymore mine

- accurate to real dimensions - 1:1 scale

- legs are fully adjustable in every direction and can be folded down for shipping/storage

- legs and bottom plate are removable

- body is hollow for possible storage, or to fill with sand, epoxy, etc. for more realistic weight

- metal hardware


M57 "clacker" firing device

- accurate to real dimensions - 1:1 scale

- spring loaded handle and plunger

- emits loud "clacking" sound when depressed



- clip under the M57 lever is plastic and may be fragile

- minor imperfections due to manufacturing

- made with "low temp" plastic (possible deformation in hot vehicle or environment or in intense sun)



M18 Claymore mine (body) - 8.5" length x 5" height x 2" width
M18 Claymore mine (with feet) - 9" height
M57 "clacker" firing device - 4.5" length x 4" height x 1" width


1 - M18 Claymore mine

(1) - M57 firing device (add-on)

M18 Claymore Mine M57 "Clacker" Firing Device - Accurate Size Replica

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