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*This is DUMMY AMMO and is UNABLE to fire any projectile, or be modified to fire any projectile.*


25 accurate size, realistic looking, 7.62x39 cartridges for costume or prop use. 


- accurate to real 7.63x39 dimensions
- will fit in bandoliers and holders designed for real bullets
- bullet unscrews from main case
- body is hollow for to fill with sand, epoxy, etc for more realistic weight


- visible seam from manufacturing process (see image) 
- made with "low temp" plastic (possible deformation in hot vehicle or environment or in intense sun)
- while they will likely fit, it is not recommended to load these into the chamber of a firearm, as the extractor will likely break off the rim and they may get stuck


25 - 7.62x39 cartridges


Please contact us if a cartridge is desired that we do not offer, or you would like a bulk quantity.

25 - 7.62×39 Ammunition - Accurate Size w/ Screw Bullet

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