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Entire emblem will be painted to the black finish you specify, with the custom text and F150 overlay in the color of your choice. 


The custom text and overlay is done in outdoor grade, self adhesive vinyl and the options are virtually endless! And long as they make the vinyl in the color you choose, we will do it for you. Color options include matte/gloss colors, chrome/reflective colors, metallic/sparkly colors, holographic colors, patterns and more! 


Please leave your text and choice of color for the text in the designated area.


Painted and unpainted options are available. Unpainted emblems may fade in sunlight and should be coated with UV resistant paint or clear coat.


- Made to be a direct replacement to the factory fender emblems - exact size
- Strong 3M VHB acrylic adhesive backing w/ alignment pins
- Photos are of computer rendering - actual product will vary slightly due to manufacturing processes
- Made in the USA


*Some customers have expressed concern that these emblems do not have clips and won't stay on. The 3M VHB adhesive that is used is widely recognized at the strongest adhesive tape in the industry. It is rated to hold 22lbs per square inch. There is nearly 16 square inches of adhesive on the back of each emblem, equaling approximately 352lbs of holding strength. Each emblem weighs only about 3oz. To say the adhesive is overkill is an understatement, but we like to use the good stuff!


Emblem Dimensions (L x W x H) (Height is thickness)
10 1/2 x 2 1/8 x 5/16 in 
26.9 x 5.4 x .8 cm 


2 - F150 Emblems


Please send a message with any questions or to request more images. Custom text is limited to the amount of space available on the emblem. 25 characters is roughly the limit and the text will be condensed and sized differently that how it is shown. Please inquire is you woud like a custom font, logo, or image. 

2015-20 Ford F150 Fender Tailgate Emblem w/Adhesive Back - Custom Text & Overlay

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