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- Custom made for the AR-15 platform
- Will fit any standard AR-15 pistol buffer tubes
- Photos are of computer rendering - actual product will vary slightly due to manufacturing processes
- Made in the US with US materials
- Made from PLA+ using FDM technology
- Higher strength and stiffness than ABS - less heat resistant
- Coated with matte black, textured, truck bed liner


1 - pistol brace
1 - rubber pad
1 - picatinny rail
2 - M4 screws
1 - set screw


*NOTE* Brace is not painted white as the image shows. It has been colored to show the design and detail. The actual product will be completely black.
*NOTE* Brace will not fit standard AR-15 buffer tubes designed for collapsible stocks. It is for the AR-15 pistol buffer tube only, which has a slightly larger diameter.

AR15 AR-15 Pistol Brace Stabilizer

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